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⌦ ┋ D E T A I L S


Commercial and Personal use
┋Made for my 3D model 'AKALII'
Made in Blender
┋Mesh details:  *Values do not include Bangs statistics
     → FULL SET: △ 13991 | 123 Bones | 1 Material
     → BANGS: △ 4863 | 51 Bones | 1 Material
     → LONG*: △ 6464 | 60 Bones | 1 Material
     → SHORT*: △ 2664 | 16 Bones | 1 Material
┋UV mapped to Nikkie's hair cards
┋Shape keys for Bang length (Long, Short, Swept) and for moving back hair position to fit different base meshes
┋Quest-compatible long hair back variant included
┋Comes with a UnityPackage containing preset Poiyomi 8.1 materials*, FBX, and prefabs with Physbone presets.

*All previews have been taken in Blender, videos taken in unity
*Does not come with Poiyomi, uses Poiyomi v8.1.115
*All future updates to this product will be free of charge.

Join the community: discord.gg/nikkie

Product release date:  — 10/01/2023

© Copyright NIKKIE. All Rights Reserved.

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