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⌦ ┋ D E T A I L S



Commercial and Personal use
┋Mesh details:
     → Base: △ 24,770 | 47 Bones | 1 Material
     → Underwear: △ 4056 | Rigged to the UTA base | 1 Material | 2 Meshes
┋Humanoid Rig
┋Made in Blender, textured in Substance painter and Clip Studio Paint
┋Tested on: 3-point tracking | 6 and 11-point Full Body tracking | Quest standalone | Desktop
OVER 30 BODY SHAPEKEYS! Easily customizable with premade full body presets, tweaking presets, and DPS compatible.
12 Skintone textures (Including editable .clip file)
Twist Bones in Elbows, Wrists, Knees, and Ankles
Jiggle bones in Butt, Breasts, Tummy, and Thighs
┋Comes with a UnityPackage containing preset Poiyomi materials*, FBXs, and different Prefabs with Physbone and Twist bone setup preset.

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Commercial and Personal use
┋Made in Blender, textured in Substance painter and Clip Studio Paint
┋PC and Quest Compatible (Including Quest Compatible Emotion Shapekeys)
┋Tested on: 3-point tracking | 6 and 11-point Full Body tracking | Quest standalone | Desktop
OVER 170 SHAPEKEYS! Customize your face to suit you! With MMD-compatible shape keys, Feature presets, Face Shape morphing, Ear shapes, and more!
12 Skintone textures (Including editable .clip file)
Jiggle bones in Nose and Cheeks
┋Mesh details:
     → Full Head: △ 4,792 
     → Half: △ 4,252
     → Both variants have 3 materials (Face, Transparent, Eye) and 17 bones

*All previews have been taken in Blender, videos taken in unity, In game photo taken in VRChat.
*All future updates to this product will be free of charge.

Join the community: discord.gg/nikkie

Product release date:  11/19/2022
Updated: 11/23/2022

© Copyright NIKKIE. All Rights Reserved.

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- Added 11 new shapekeys to the base, for adjusting the arms, forearms, lower legs, ankles and fingers.
- Added a twist bone free version of the base to the blend, fbx and unitypackage files.
- Removed unnecessary vertex groups.
- Altered the UV map of the base slightly, no significant change.
- Fixed texture seams on all textures.

- Changed transparent and alpha texture's Heart and Sparkle emotes
- Added transparency texture for darker skintones.
- Added Unitypackage for UTA head, including 13+ Poiyomi materials for all available skintones and quest material examples.
- Added 12 Materials to the UTA base unitypackage for all available skintones.
- Included more troubleshooting to head and base PDFs.


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